Workers’ Compensation

slider1When you go to work for a business, your employer expects you to give your best to the job. You show up on time, you do a good job and you repeat this process – for years and even decades. Yet too often, even with all your hard work, a company will betray you without a second thought. If you get hurt or otherwise are unable to work, some companies will do everything in their power to avoid paying you workers’ compensation. At Meyer Thorp Attorneys at Law, we work with workers to fight back against this kind of betrayal.

Northwest Washington Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

The attorneys at our firm have an intimate understanding of what hard, honest work really involves. We each come from a blue-collar background and we know how much heart and soul, not to mention sweat, that you give to your work. You do your best each and every day and you have a right to expect the same from your employer.

We understand how frustrating it can be when your employer denies you the compensation you need so desperately to pay your bills, keep your family fed and cover your medical expenses. You would not have gotten hurt had you not been working for this company, yet now they act as though you are a nuisance to be ignored and forgotten. This is not right and you have every reason to fight back.

Our firm represents injured workers in their Washington State Industrial Insurance claims. We provide services that include securing benefits before the Department of Labor and Industries, Board of Industrial Insurance appeals and Superior and Appellate Courts. We have successful obtained benefits for our clients that include time loss, loss of earning power, permanent partial disability, pension, retraining and treatment. Let us do the same for you.

Meyer Thorp Attorneys at Law – Spokane, WA

We understand how important it is that you win your case. Workplace injuries can wreak havoc on your life, both now and in the future. You are probably already missing work and may miss much more of it until you are healed. In some instances you may never be able to do the same job again. This can be devastating – especially if you have been working in one particular field for years.

On top of your inability to work you have medical bills. Some injuries can require a lifetime of medical care to treat. Even if treatment is limited to months, it is still more than most can afford on their own.

You do not have to take this lying down. Contact our firm now to see how we can help you get the assistance you deserve for your injuries.