What will I get for time loss?

Your time loss rate is based on whether you are married or single and the number of dependents you have.  Once the Department sets a wage order you should carefully review this document as it will become final and binding on you within 60 days if not appealed and will dictate the payments on your claim  even if it is incorrect.

I cannot physically perform my former job. Is there anything I can do to get retrained?

If you qualify for vocational services the Department of Labor and Industries or your employer may have to provide retraining to you.  They can allow money for you to return to school and up to two years of your time loss payments to continue while you receive your training.  There are several options available to injured workers in vocational plan and this is a good time for a free consultation if you want to know your options.

I don’t think I can return to work should I apply for other benefits?

You may be eligible for social security benefits in addition to your Labor and Industries benefits.  If you expect to be off work for at least a year it may be in your best interest to file for both benefits.  We also represent people seeking social security disability.  Many of our clients sucessfully receive both, although the benefits do offset eachother.

My employer is self-insured? What does that mean?

Self-Insured employers are not covered under the state fund, they pay all benefits themselves and are usually large employers.  Since they pay all benefits themselves they tend to fight harder to not pay.  We have successfully represented clients employed by self-insured employer’s such as Sacred Heart Medical Center, Boeing, Kaiser Aluminum, Wal Mart, Spokesman Review, Safeway, Trans Systems, Waste Management, STA and Triumph Systems.