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It is an unfortunate reality that all too often, the average worker is powerless to demand fair treatment from an employer. Although the legal system is designed to help the weak stand up to the strong, it is difficult if not impossible to use for people not trained in it. At Meyer Thorp Attorneys at Law, we understand how much of a struggle it is to fight for even basic rights – rights like workers’ compensation and disability. This is why we work so hard to make sure our clients are heard and given the respect – and compensation – they deserve.

Northwest Washington Lawyers

Located in Spokane, WA, our firm gathers together over 30 years of combined experience in litigation and trial experience. We provide compassionate and aggressive advocacy for the injured and disabled. For us, it is a mission we are passionate about, and for good reason. All of our attorneys are from blue collar families. We know how hard they worked and how hard you work, and we know that you deserve assistance from your employer when you are hurt on the job.

All of our attorneys are former Assistant Attorneys’ General that previously represented the State of Washington. This is experience we put to work for you in your case. We have faced off against the biggest organizations and companies out there and we are not afraid to push as hard as necessary to get what you deserve. Because of our training and experience, we can make the law work for you and level the playing field between you and the companies trying to take advantage of you.

Meyer Thorp Attorneys at Law – We Get You Results

Although passion is important, it is not enough to simply be passionate about the cause of workers’ rights. In the end, it is the results that matter. At Meyer Thorp Attorneys at Law, we have a track record of success for our clients. We have obtained life long pension benefits for many of our clients. We have settled hundreds of cases that have resulted in substantial benefits for both them and their families. Beyond this, we have successfully tried numerous Administrative law and Superior court cases winning verdicts for our clients.

We not only talk the talk, we walk the walk. Every worker deserves to have his or her voice heard. We want to hear your story and give you the personalized representation you need to feel good about your case. We want to win just as badly as you do, and we will do all we can to see that happen.

Please contact our firm immediately if you need help with workers’ compensation or disability. With our help you can fight back, and you can win.