LTD is paying benefits because work comp stopped…does this mean LTD will pay for the doctor too?

Q: HI I was receiving L&I in Washington state and and they stopped benefits because my injury shows improvement BUT my LTD thank goodness has taken over and started paying me benefits now (when before it was maybe 30 a month) My question is since L&I will not pay for me to change doctors will LTD pay for doctors? They have not paid any medical bills what so ever because L&I has been. My injury is not getting any better and it is a protruding disc which is very hard to see in a MRI lying down and I want to see an Orthopedic because I feel pain still and I want to heal. Please help me with my question

A: The specific benefits available through your LTD will depend upon the language of the policy. While such policies typically provide a benefit for lost wages, you will need to review the policy to determine if medical coverage is also provided.